Best Life Size German Shepherd Statues – Top Rated List

There might be a chance that you adore German Shepherds but cannot get one due to some reason or other. Well, isn’t that sad? German shepherds are probably the most loved dogs on the planet. They fall in the large size working dog classification and are known for their traits of being a great watch dog. It is one of the many reasons why you always see german shepherds being a part of the police squads and their statues being displayed at many places. 

And, if you are someone who loves German Shepherd, we would love for you to keep your eyes hooked till the very end cause you are going to love this article. In this article, we have got you a rundown of the Best Life Size German Shepherd Statues to add oomph to your space. 

Hence, without wasting even a second, let us get right into it.

Large Life-size German Shepherd Sculpture by Sandicast

Best Life Size German Shepherd Statues

Sandicast has been one of the most well-known manufacturers of beautifully carved animal sculptures. The genius behind these lovely animal models is the very talented Sandra Brue. In 1981, Sandra acknowledged her love for animals and applied her artistic skills to work.

She started creating animal sculptures by hand and people fell in love with her work. Sandicast’s animal sculptures have been very popular amongst people all over the world. Indeed, even celebs like Queen Elizabeth and President Clinton have Sandicast animal sculptures. Isn’t that fascinating?

The very stunning hand sculpting and the precise paint job makes the sculptures from Sandicast stand out. When the glass eyes are placed in the socket, the animal sculpture actually gets a new life. 

This German Shepherd Sculpture by Sandicast resembles so much to a real-life german shepherd that one might be confused if they glance at it for the first time. The primary material used to create this sculpture is resin. The dimensions of the german shepherd sculpture by Sandicast are 25″ X 13″ X 28″ and it weighs around 16 kilograms. 

It is an incredible item for all the dog lovers out there. And, if you are a collector or art enthusiast, you might not want to miss out on this one for sure! 

German Shepherd Statue Phillips Collection

Better Homes and Gardens is an eCommerce store where you can get your hands on a huge variety of products to beautify the appearance of your home, office, porch, or nursery. The very beautiful statues which Better Homes and Gardens offers to its buyers are impeccable works of art that grandstand the ability and craftsmanship of the geniuses behind them.

This German Shepherd statue by Better Homes and Gardens is a stunning piece of art. It also depicts the scrupulousness that the artist has devoted to it. The main body of the statue contains artist-grade resins that give it a beautiful texture. Also, the finishing of the german shepherd sculpture is done with a silver leaf which simply adds a touch of luxe to the sculpture.

In case you are someone who is planning to add a bit of life to your place, this german shepherd by Better Homes and Gardens is definitely worth splurging on!

Bronze German Shepherd Dog

A lot of people prefer getting statues in other different materials instead of resin and fibreglass. Hence, this bronze German shepherd statue by AllSculptures is something that might fascinate people who are looking for a statue in a different material. The statue is made out of wax bronze and is truly stunning.

This is a statue that may fit right in with the other metal statues that you might have. This piece of art is a stunning addition to your space and art collection, indeed. The standing pose of the german shepherd is captivating and has a height of 32 inches and a height of 45 inches.

Life-Size German Shepherd Statue

This statue of a german shepherd looks excellent. The piece looks very life-like. Honestly, no one can easily guess if it is a real german shepherd or fake. The material used to make this stunning artwork is resin. The resin of top quality and artist-grade has been used to create this magnificence.

This very breathtaking statue of a German shepherd’s dimensions is 23.5″ X 16″ X 33.5″. It weighs 19.5 kilograms making it probably the heaviest statue on this rundown. Yet, all that weight is because of its size which can be surmised from the dimensions of this statue. 

A person who loves dogs or is an animal lover for sure will love this statue. The custom finishes and precision of the brush by the craftsman have given this Thai statue a life. 

German Shepherd Dog Statue

German Shepherd is one of the most prominent and beloved dog breeds. German shepherds are great watch/ guard dogs. This statue of this great dog breed includes the dog standing strong with its tongue out. It is nothing but a stunning piece of art.

The fur on this statue looks pretty realistic and the sparkly glass eyes give this statue an extremely gorgeous appearance. Any animal lover would cherish this statue. This german shepherd statue is made out of fibreglass and artist-grade resin is added to add some strength to the product. This high-quality dog statue has life-like paintwork, depicting the embodiment of a real German shepherd. The statue weighs around 100 kilos but is really pretty.

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Sandicast “Life-Size Large” Sitting German Shepherd Dog Sculpture

This sculpture is of a grown-up German Shepherd in a sitting position that looks very realistic with a lot of detailing on the body and stunning paintwork. The fur looks very real as well with the sculpture artist having an eye for the tiniest of the details.

Assuming Walmart is more your thing, let us give you a piece of good news! You can get your hands on a life-size german shepherd statue from Walmart’s website. Sandicast is a very well known brand that creates the best in class animal statues. The artists who craft these statues have a very skilled hand. We are not even exaggerating a bit here. 

It is a life-size statue that weighs around 43 pounds. The dimensions of this statue are 28 inches in length, 32.5 inches in height and 15.5 inches in width. This statue can be a beautiful addition to your art collection and a stunning piece to add a charm to your home, porch, garden, office, and so on. Marble dust along with polyresin make this life sized German shepherd statue long lasting. 

Life-Size German Shepherd Statue

A statue of a German shepherd is something many individuals would love to get their hands on. There are a multitude of statues of grown-up German shepherds as well as the teeny tiny ones. Esty is a renowned website for buying collective items and a life-size german shepherd sculpture that looks very realistic is also something that you can buy from there. The following statue of a german shepherd is in a sitting position that resembles very much to a watch dog.

Every one of the features and details is extremely realistic. The craftsmanship is very great as the artist has sculpted a one of a kind dog sculpture that mesmerises the eyes of the viewer. This handmade german shepherd statue adds a touch of luxe to your office, home, garden or whatever space you are planning to put it at.

The material used to make this statue is artist-grade resin and weighs around 13 pounds while standing tall at 22 inches with a length of 19 inches and a breath of 12 inches. 

German Shepherd Dog Life-Size Statue

This statue of a life-sized german shepherd has dead-drop gorgeous details. The statue is made completely out of hand using high-quality resin. The top-notch paint gives the effect of real fur and adds life to the statue. The glass eyes also are a beautiful addition to the statue. It sort of defines everything about this statue. 

The statue can be bought through They are a legit and certified seller who has approval from the US Government. This site is a holy grail for individuals who are hoping to purchase life-size statues of animals or some other sort of statue.

Give your space a new life by getting this life sized german shepherd statue from We are certain that you will not be disappointed by your purchase. 

Sitting Dog F German Shepherd Statue

In our opinion, every person on this planet adores pups. Right? Well, that being said, let us introduce you to the next statue on our list! This one is a german shepherd puppy. The sitting posture and sparkly eyes add a certain appeal to the statue, in our opinion. 

The statue looks pretty real in terms of the appearance. Everything from the craftsmanship to the realistic features, everything about this sculpture is stunning. We are left stunned by the fur detailing, especially around the neck and chest part. 

The statue is hollow from within and is made out of artist-quality resin and weighs around 4.8 pounds. This gorgeous piece of art stands tall around 15.5 inches, adding charm to your office, home, garden, porch or whatever space you plan to keep it at. Also, did we forget to mention that this statue is waterproof?

Life-Size German Shepherd

Another site that equips you with the best life-size is It has a huge variety of dog statues in multiple sizes and poses. You can get the sculptures of a multitude of breeds at This German Shepherd statue looks damn gorgeous and is in a standing posture. The dog in this statue looks very playful and has its tongue out. The life-like appearance and the pose of the dog make it stand out. This statue is from the Heimex Portraits of Animals, a very well-known brand for dog statues.

The statue stands tall at 39 inches and resembles a real German Shepherd. This statue will look very great in your garden and one might easily get confused with a real dog. The statue is made of a sturdy fibreglass and weighs around 23 pounds. 

Well, this brings us to an end of our list of the best life size german shepherd statues and we hope that you found what you were looking for.

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