Best Giraffe Life Size Statue Top Reviewed List to Buy For your Home

Quite possibly the most stunning animal are giraffes. These animals are simply stunning to look at.They are the tallest land vertebrates and can grow 17 to 18 feet tall. Some can even grow up to 20 feet tall. 

They have solid neck muscles and also two horns. They swing their neck to battle with other male giraffes. Because of their long neck giraffes have a tongue that is 20 inches long. Isn’t that shocking?

Assuming you are hoping to make an animal zoo or Safari amusement park or need something for a kids jungle gym, then you can get your hands on  a life size giraffe statue from these sites that we have mentioned here. We included various sites as per the type, size, and price. Without any further adieu, let us dive right into it.

Baby Giraffe Statue Life-Size

Best Giraffe Life Size Statue

Who does not love Giraffes, right? They are the tallest land warm blooded animals because of their long neck. There are a lot of people who have had the desire to have a giraffe as a pet. Obviously, you can not have them. It is not a feasible thing. They are wild creatures and you might not have the right place to raise a giraffe. However, that does not imply that you can not possess a life size statue of a giraffe. is an ecommerce store that you can check out if you are someone with an eye for exclusive home decor and furniture items. They have a multitude of statues including life-size statues of giraffes. This specific statue resembles a baby giraffe. The charming little baby which sticks right by its mommy. 

Yet, a baby giraffe does not imply that it is short.  Unlike other different types of land vertebrates, baby giraffes are around 6 feet tall when conceived. Indeed! Even this life size baby giraffe statue stands tall at 5ft 6 inches which is only somewhat shorter than an actual baby giraffe. 

The baby giraffe statue weighs more than 150 pounds and looks like it is trying stand up from the exact instant it was born.

Giant Giraffe statue

All things considered, assuming that a baby giraffe is not something that you are looking for, how about we now see a grown-up statue? . It is a statue that does the majestic giraffe some justice. It is 18 feet tall and looks pleasing to the eyes. is the genius behind it and as you can envision from the name of the store, they sell a lot of various life size statues for people who love art. Now, obviously, this life size giraffe statue is not cheap. It will definitely be quite heavy on your pocket.

Not just that, the statue weighs 480 pounds! Therefore, you will have to pay a hefty amount of delivery cost to get the statue securely. The usual buyers usually get these life size animal statues for a school, park, or some type of instructive or educational institute. 

One cannot pet a giraffe but can always get a life size giraffe statue and satisfy their quench for the same.  Now, let us discuss the material of the statue. The material used in crafting this life size giraffe statue is fiberglass resin. 

Every single thing is carefully assembled and hand-painted. It gives the giraffe an exceptionally real look. Even if you take a very close look, it will look like there is an actual giraffe standing next to you.

Hence, in case you are hoping to get your hands on a life size giraffe statue, is the place for you.

Giraffe 12ft Giant Statue

Indeed, assuming you feel that the 18 feet statue is pretty tall and need to dial it down, in that case, this statue is just the thing for you. It is a life size statue of a giraffe which is 72 inches/ 12 feet tall and looks absolutely stunning. Indeed, it is not too long yet it actually does some justice to the magnificent animal.  The detailing on the statue is simply stunning. It shows the talents of the skilled artists behind it. 

The paint work on this one is extremely ravishing and indeed, as you can see it looks pretty realistic. Assuming you own a safari-themed place or have a huge garden, then you must buy this giraffe statue and give your space a new life. The statue looks very real and will undoubtedly stand out.

The artists has made the statue very hearty. It is crafted using a mixture of resin and fiberglass. This life size giraffe statue is waterproof. If you are someone who is keen to get themselves a giraffe statue, is where you can buy it from.

Life-size Giraffe Statue by

One more site to browse through while looking for life size statues of giraffes is  It is a Canada-based eCommerce store that sells a lot of cool things. Indeed, every one of the products that you find on the site are sorted under the categories of tropical statues and tropical trees. They have a gigantic variety of lovely looking tropical animals as well as different tropical trees. On the off chance that you own a huge garden and are hoping to install some tropical plants, then you will have a lot of choices here. 

The animal statues that has look very cool too. This specific giraffe statue stands 12 feet tall, hence, it looks like a giraffe of medium size. Also, it weighs around 160 pounds. It is produced using cast resin and the surface has been hand-painted to give it the astounding look.

The geniuses behind this life size giraffe statue also have asserted that this statue is museum quality and is suitable even if it is kept outdoors. In this way, you can keep it in your nursery without any stress. 

Giraffe Baby 6.5′ Tall Life Size Statue

Butlers and Signs is a fascinating site where you can track down a lot of cool stuff.  There are animal statues, food displays, candy displays and a lot more statues of people in an interesting pose or with an amusing articulation.

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You can equip yourself with a life size baby giraffe also from Butlers and Signs. Baby Giraffes, despite the fact that they are babies are not tiny in size.

They stand 6 feet tall when they are conceived. And in less than a day, they even start running around with their herd. This statue copies the baby giraffe look as well as the size. It is 6 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds which is very less for something of that size.

The statue is completely handmade and hand painted and sculpted using resin. This can fit in the budget of many folks who are hoping to add animals to their safari amusement park or need a vivid addition to their garden.

Life-Size Giraffe Statue by

Another amazing site to get yourself a life size giraffe statue is northerncreek.comGiraffes are astonishing animals. They have a thin and long neck which have exceptionally solid muscles.  They also have two hair-shrouded horns on their head. The horns are known as ossicones. 

Their neck is long and solid and they swing their neck to battle other giraffes. The more you are familiar these massive animals, the more you will become enamored with them. The life size statue of a giraffe that this site sells is of a limited height. It is around 8 feet tall which is adequate for a recreation area or some jungle gym. 

You can install this life size giraffe statue in the jungle gym of your place or in a safari amusement park. The artists have used resin of superior quality to make this stunning statue. They did the paint work by hand which is the reason you can see the scrupulousness. 

The spots on the body are dull brown and there is a rosy-orange wash on the back and spine region to give a decent slope to the skin. For anyone hoping to buy a life size giraffe statue with stunning details, is your holy grail.

Life-size Giraffe by Pangea Sculptures

Pangea Sculpture is a company that crafts statues and sculptures of different designs. You can even pick statues and sculptures dependent on the materials used. 

There are wooden products, metal sculptures as well as stone sculptures. The giraffe statue is the one that goes under the metal statue category at Pangea. It is the tallest statue that they cater to. This metal statue of the giraffe is perfectly fabricated. The artists have used excellent metal plates and welded them together to give the giraffe its majestic structure and details. 

It truly shows the gifted hands of the artists. It is somewhat not quite the same as the other statues that we have mentioned on this rundown.  One very obvious difference is that metal is used to make this life size giraffe statue and it weighs about 150 kilos. 

Another is that there is no paint on this one. We absolutely loved this statue. The statues which use fiberglass and resins do require some type of paint finish to look stunning.

However, when you see this metal giraffe statue you simply look at the expertise and craftsmanship. 

Malee Grand Scale Giraffe Garden Statue

This very life size giraffe statue is by the very well known brand, Design Toscano.  This giraffe statue stands proudly at 12 feets in height.  This is by far the greatest statue by the Design Toscano. 

The artists have delightfully created this statue and it looks glorious and does justice to this beautiful form of life which we all know as giraffe.  Fiberglass resin is used to give structure to this enormous statue.

Everything looks exceptionally real from the back to the neck to the folds to the joints. The hooves look very great too. The paint work makes the thing look very realistic as if you are seeing an actual giraffe.

However, there is one drawback to this statue. It does not do well in every weather condition. Thus, try to either put a protective covering or keep it where the climatic conditions can not affect the statue.

Giraffe Head Life Size Statue

There might be a lot of different reasons why you might want a life size giraffe statue but there might be certain aspects that might not work in your favour. Hence, if you want a life size giraffe statue but cannot get the whole thing, this one is for you. 

This is a life size head of giraffe that is made in the Philippines and is hand made and hand painted. The head looks pretty realistic and adds life to your space. If you are someone who is keen on getting a giraffe statue but do not have ample space for the same, this giraffe head can be the thing for you.

Life-Size Giraffe Statue by

This last statue is one more epic copy of a giraffe. It stands 15 feet tall and weighs around 70 kilos.  To partake in a giraffe statue with its full magnificence then this is perhaps the most ideal choice you have. The artists worked very well on highlighting the facial features of this statue.

It truly looks stunning. The material used to craft this tremendous statue is top-grade polyresin with Gale code.  It uses a touch of fibre too to give it a pleasant vibe and surface.

The hand-painted skin of the giraffe has been done all around well. It looks pretty realistic and will turn heads any place you put it. This is an ideal fit for an animal amusement park or a jungle gym. But, it is somewhat expensive given the 1:1 scale.

We saw a few of the sites which you can browse through to get a life size giraffe statue. We hope that our carefully curated list helps you in picking the best statue ever and helps in adding a charm to your space.

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