The Most High Profile Player Transfers In CS:GO’s History

Competitive video gaming is now an industry more like traditional, real-world sports than people care to give credit for. There are training camps, academies, mental and physical coaches to ensure professionals remain at their competitive peak and even high profile transfers that have the potential to flip the entire Esports world on its head.  With the scene … Read more

Barcode Numbers Ensures Globally Unique Identification of Products

Whenever we see/purchase a product in the market, we generally don’t pay attention, as consumers, to the barcode’s black & white lines printed on product packaging. However, these lines of barcodes play critical roles for trading partners involved in the supply chain including retailers, manufacturers, transport suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, and at times for the end … Read more

Latest WhatsApp beta update now allows group video call for upto 8 users

WhatsApp has now increased the limit for the number of participants in a video call to 8 users at a time. The feature, which previously allowed only 4 people to participate in a video call at a time, was said to be under development. However, the latest Android and iOS beta versions of WhatsApp feature … Read more

Government Offers Prize of 2.4 Crore for the one who Develops Zoom Alternative

In India lockdown began on March 25, 2020, Companies / Universities / Startups were forced to do Work from home, Due to this major decision by Indian Government. Many Corporates, Schools and Agencies started using a tool called Zoom, to Interact with their employees, students and more. Due to this Zoom became one of the … Read more

Smart Consumer Mobile App by GS1

     Smart Consumer Mobile App Report states 2.5 times increase in the total number of scans in March. The highest number of monthly scans belong to the food category In the current scenario when the world is hit by these challenging times, the concern related to consumption, food safety has become of prime importance … Read more

How to Leverage Live Streaming to Grow Your Business

As live streaming starts to gain momentum, standing out in a crowded marketplace without adopting it would be difficult. Live streaming has several key benefits that make it appealing and beneficial to new businesses. According to statistics, 7% of the audience will be more likely to buy a ticket for that particular event in the … Read more

How to Secure Your Online Activity with BitDefender’s Total Security & VPN?

Online security will always be a crucial topic and with a growing number of malware, data thefts, and ransomware, it’s crucial to keep your PC protected at all times. Antivirus companies are constantly improving their products and same goes for BitDefender. Recently they came up with the latest version of their Total Security software, BitDefender Total … Read more