Magic Leap One – New Augmented Reality Glasses in town!

Magic Leap One by Magic Leap
Magic Leap One

After years of development in their technology and hardware standards, Magic Leap is finally back with a boom with their Magic Leap One. Bulkier than it’s other counterparts, these goggles will sport various cameras and sensors to adjust and track your head and body statistics respectively.

Apart from the headset itself, the package will include a wireless controller too. A disc-like component will power the whole system which adds uniqueness to the Magic Leap One. It also enables the system to work independently without it being plugged to a smartphone/laptop as a source of power.

Though the actual specifications are unknown for now, Magic Leap One will feature the company’s lightfield photonics technology to generate digital light at different depths and blend together to form digital realistic objects which covers the Augmented Reality part. The headset will also feature Soundfield Audio which adds interactivity with the physical world.

The latest tweet on the company’s Twitter account says –
The company promises on their website to bring a number of more features and technologies to their Magic Leap One including stuffs like 3D Web Browsing capabilities, gaming, shopping etc. Just like Microsoft’s HoloLens, the Magic Leap One too will overlay 3D imagery over real world objects.

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