What are AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S9?

As you all might have heard of or might be knowing that Samsung has released their flagship Galaxy series phones. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+, these phones are kinda similar as the previous generation phones. But the main focus of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the AR Emoji.

The AR Emoji can be compared to the Apple’s Animoji and its impossible not to. But Samsung has played it safe by allowing users to make AR emoji of themselves. As well, there are few of inbuilt emoji’s that will allow you to record crazy facial expressions in the process.

Accessing AR Emoji

AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S9

So the AR Emoji is the all new redesigned camera app that is available only for S9 and S9+. Once AR Emoji mode is set, then you can choose between a cartoonish versions of yourself or you can adapt the numerus critters.

It is also record a few video and sent it anyone you want or you can have fun by just watching the Emoji do its job as you give some wacky facial expressions. You can also create multiple 3D versions of yourself depending on your looks. At the same time you can add funny objects to yourself too. Its same as Snapchat and other applications, the AR Emoji is been loaded with goofy AR items.

AR Emoji

Now you might want to know how Animoji differs from AR Emoji. Note that firstly in these emojis you can create virtual avatar in the form of 3D image or video. Secondly, you have 18 different options to choose from to customise your avatar so that you can share.

The Emojis can be shared in the form of GIFs, Photos or videos. Whereas, Animoji maps your facial expression using the camera to the characters which are not human faces.
In the near future Samsung is planning to expand its AR Emoji’s capabilities in the S9 and S9+.

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