Angry Birds Transformers Review, Gameplay, Trailer


Rovio (Creator of Angry Birds) know how to make good and accessible games. There are no doubts about the fun and the personality of their games. They have not just done it once, and they are back once again. Rovio has developed another chapter of Angry Birds gaming series which is a lot more fun and more enjoyable. 

The enjoyment of Angry Birds lies in the sense of humor of this game. Refreshing old childhood memories by gently poking them and paying respect to Transformers at the same time. Congratulations to Rovio for getting back a lot of memories of childhood. The game has a better story than most of the paid Angry Birds games. It is as tempting as the older versions of Angry Birds were.

Game Developer Rovio Entertainment
Game Publisher Rovio Entertainment
Release Date October, 2014 (worldwide Release)
Genre(s) Shoot-em-Up, Scrolling
Rating 4.1 out of 5 Stars
Download Url Download Angry Birds Transformers Mod

Angry Birds Transformers Review

Unfortunately, paid Angry Birds games are not doing as good as they were expected to do. Their attempts to launch new stories based games aren’t going over too well. It is exciting to get fun games for free but in the end, Something has to pay the bills, Games like angry birds are not helping in that. Angry Birds Transformers seems to be suffering from the same need to make money.  Rovio is not quite able to balance its monetization methods. They can soon set up a paywall for a player that can be discouraging enough for a player to uninstall the game. 

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay

A storytelling animation welcomes you when you open the game. The presentation of the game does a nice job and lives up to the expectations of setting up a pace for the story. The designs and presentation of the game are really nice,The game now has robotic birds that look like transformers. Transformers designs are better than you may expect. Angry Birds Transformers gameplay perfectly aligns with the classic knock-em-down set up. You get pigs in various structures made up of various materials and your Robotic Transformer Bird has to shoot them while running towards the escape. Firing slingshots are no longer available from a static distance, You’re moving constantly while blasting away pigs. Pigs can also shoot back at you this time, which can deduct some values from your life meter. During initial levels, you have to rescue your fellow Autobots which have been captured by Decepticons. Each character has a different kind of shot and sounds which are well-fitting with their roles in other games as well. None of the stages lasts longer than a few minutes. You get rewarded with pigs and coins after you complete each level. These pigs are used to upgrade your troops and unlock new ones. 

Angry Birds Transformers – Trailer


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