Privacy is everyone’s right. He/she can reveal or hide personal facts based on their interests. Getting into personals without permission is a crime. Smart phones are companions for everybody these days. Not all apps are faulty but you have to be careful.

Hackers release malwares in the form of useful apps. App from play store is installed for a particular task but asks for various other permissions like microphone and camera. They run in background and turn microphone on. All the recorded data is sent to hackers when you use internet. There have been numerous reports of automatic opening of camera and recording.

Google focused on this issue. From Android P, the system automatically blocks the app permissions to access hardware like microphone and camera while running in background. This update can stop malwares.

Users of android won’t have to wait till Android P update. In almost all the latest smart phones, we can check the permissions of apps in settings. For example, whatsapp has permissions for microphone which is for recording audio, files permission for sending files and so on.

So, this is meaningful but if you find apps which have permissions granted and they are not related to work, gently disable them. During the usage if needed, apps will have ask again. This step also ensures our privacy being maintained.

Finding the app permissions in settings is not difficult. But according to OS, they may change.

In Android Nougat:

Click on settings.
Scroll down till you find app permissions and click on it.
Apps are displayed and click on individual apps to check its permissions.

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In Android Oreo:

Click on settings.
Choose App permissions located on the Apps and notifications page.
Hackers are coming up with new ways to hack sensitive information. We should also take responsibility and perform tasks up to our capability like disabling extra permissions for apps and so on.