Android O releasing on 21st August 2017, could be called Android Oreo!

Google is holding an event in NYC on 21st August 2017 on the occasion on Total Solar Eclipse (to be visible in US region only) which has not been seen since around 100 Years and expected to launch the next version of Android O claimed to be called Android Oreo by many on the same day .

Google says : “Android O is touching down to earth with the total solar eclipse, bringing some super (sweet) new powers!”

The event will be livestreamed here at 2:40PM ET (12AM IST, 22nd August 2017) which will be followed by the Solar Eclipse live stream starting at 12PM ET (9:30PM IST) . We expect Google to show off the latest features and updates coming with Android O, the new Pixel Devices and updates to Daydream, Android TV, etc .

Now, prior to the event many leaks have been found on the Internet pointing towards the name of the Android O update being Android Oreo . The first on is our very favorite leakster, Evan Blass :

Another leak comes from Android Police, now they spotted the name of the Android O teaser posted on Google+ . Later, the file was renamed to OctopusTeaser.mp4 which looks like fun for Google trolling the entire Internet .

Nevertheless, we will coming to know the real thing in about 48 Hours (from when this article is being written).


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