How the Android Gadgets are more popular than iOS?

Technological advancements that took place in the modern era have influenced almost all the walks of our society and our personal life as well. We can observe the wave of technological growth in all fields. One of the most common fields that were heavily influenced by technological development is communication. Progress in technology gave birth to the mobile phones. With the coming of mobile phones, the way we communicate with our family members, friends and other loved ones have changed by a long way. It can be said that we live in a world where mobile rules the mind and actions of people.

People can buy mobile phones for their needs and wishes since it is available in different sizes, features and prices. Today, people use mobile phones not just for communication purposes but also for business or professional purposes. The availability of smartphones has made the lives of common people and business people more advanced. When people decide to buy a mobile phone, they used to have confusion regarding what to choose and what not to choose. The main confusion of people lies in which mobile operating systems they should choose. Most popular mobile operating systems available in the mobile industry are Android and iOS.

Android and iOS are the well-accepted mobile operating systems in the mobile industry. There are many arguments around Android and iOS. People who use mobile phones have a doubt about what is best. Many people consider that Android is best and others consider that iOS is better. However, there should be only one champion and it is Android. Here is a look at why the Android Gadgets are more popular than iOS:

More Apps

One of the main reason why Android is popular than iOS is that it has more apps. It is in the Google Play Store is where all Android apps can be seen. Mobile users can find out more apps in the Google Play Store than in the App Store. The more apps you have to pick from, the better will be the experience you get from using your mobile phone.

More Customizable

Another main reason why people love Android over iOS is that Android is more customizable. Android mobile users can even totally replace the software on several Android gadgets. Android helps mobile users to modify all aspects of their on-screen appearance and also remove any needless features on your phone.

Phones for Everyone

People like Android phones over iOS phones because there is an Android phone for every person. People have different likes and dislike when it comes to buying a mobile phone. Android mobiles can meet everyone’s likes. If you want a phone that performs well, with a great camera or any other features, Android has it for you. Android is full of selections.  Since there are many Android devices and brands, it is easy for people to pick a phone that accomplishes their every like.

Other Top Reasons

  • A lot of options to select from in the Android world make Android gadgets more popular amid people.
  • There is a broad range of prices for android gadgets and therefore, people can buy it as per their budget.
  • With Android gadgets, mobile users are assimilated with Google. Google services are an essential element of Android and it is the main reason why to choose Android devices.
  • Android keeps pace with technology and technological innovations. Therefore, Android devices are popular than iOS.
  • Android has micro SD card support whereas iOS devices don’t have it. Android smartphones come with micro SD card access. It lets mobile users to increases the capacity of mobile storage. The greater part of Android phones presents expandable memory.
  • Many of the Android has removable batteries and it helps people to change their battery if the battery becomes weak.
  • Android provides its users more cloud storage. There are many new and unique features in the Android-iOS to integrate new and unique features such as BlinkFeed, Around YU, Blue-light filter, Reading mode, battery mode, etc.
  • With Android gadgets, users can choose the phone size and design they desire. Widgets on Android are superior to the iPhone.
  • Multiple user support is available for Android devices. Mobile users can download and set up Android apps from any source

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