Android 9.0 P : List of all New Features

Google is always cooking new Android treats every year and the latest treat is Android 9.0 P and we just happened to stumble upon the first developer preview. Here’s what the Android P has in-store for you.

The official launch of the Android P is expected during the I/O expo scheduled for May, but like always some lucky Android users will be able to enjoy the beta version. The pre-release versions for Google Pixel and Nokia devices will soon be released as well.

As for the features, Users who are able to install the developer preview will get these amazing features to enjoy:

Android 9.0 P Features

Expectations were on the first developer preview being released on March 14th, but instead, Google decided to stay away from all the chaos and gave an early release on March 7th. Though this is an early version, nevertheless, it gives you a preview of what Android P has for you. The features given here could well end up in the final version. So go ahead and take a peek yourself at the features.

Android 9.0 P List of all New Features 2

List of Android 9.0 P Features

Notch Support: Thanks to the dedicated libraries, now the developers can optimize apps that will enhance the display indent.

Multi-Camera API: With the multi-camera API, ┬ádeveloper’s can stream simultaneously between more than one camera.

Messaging Apps Notifications: The notifications are improved giving you an awesome image view along with stickers, conversations with their contact names and also suggests quick answers as well.

Indoor Positioning: Even indoors, thanks to the WIFI IEEE 802.11mc support, all apps can easily work out the access points distance. The user’s position is triangulated for this purpose.

NFC Payment via Open Mobile API: Smart card payments option is available.

Data Cost and JobScheduler: If you have network congestion, worry not as the JobScheduler uses operator signals and easily manages any pending task you have.

Image Decor: Bitmap factory gets replaced with animated images that don’t just come with better decoding, but post-processing and resizes as well.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) VP9 Profile 2: This feature allows you to take full advantage of HDR content available on apps such as Play Movies and YouTube as well.

App Update: From November 2018, Play Store will request and provide Android Oreo API 26 or later updates for the applications.

Background App: Giving an extra security guard, background apps will not have permission to access camera, microphone and sensors hence, preventing malicious apps from taking unwanted images.

Restricted Non-Public API Access: In case, not available, developer’s can request new Android API developer’s to do so.

Can Calls be Recorded?

Possibilities are on for the new version is capable of unlocking a hidden feature that will enable or make it compatible with applicable laws on various Google market operations. As per official’s at Google, current telephone call recordings is not just going to be easy, but official also. Till now, only Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus have this hidden feature.

The new interface implements with both side callers listening on a 1.4 kHz high beep in every 15 minutes during the call recording. It would be first of it’s kind for compatibility as per some country legislation.

Some features expected to be hidden

The network carriers can install Android apps once the SIM is installed. Once the SIM provider is recognized, the Android P will recommend you a list of apps via wizard feature. Google is also providing full cooperation in the Android development process. The upcoming version is expected in taking a step further.

Preliminary conclusion

From what we have been able to summarize, Android P definitely is going to be a smooth update that will iron down all the wrinkles the old versions were giving and refine the upcoming features.

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