Amazon recalls its 2.6 lakh of “Amazon Basics” power banks

Battery drain is a common problem faced by smart phone users. Power banks are helpful during journey, tours when you can’t find power outlets for charging. Once charged, power banks can fully charge a smart phone 2 to 4 times depending on its capacity.

Amazon released its own power banks with name “Amazon Basics”. But unexpectedly, customers are filing reports that power bank over heats and explodes. Not few, but majority of people who received it faced this issue. 53 users reported their power banks to amazon under over heating and explosions in few cases.

Considering the situation, Amazon recalled its 2, 60,000 “Amazon Basics” power banks. Product was sold on, book stores and shops. A total of 6 versions are recalled they are as follows.

Amazon Basics 16100mAh
Amazon Basics 10000mAh
Amazon Basics 5600mAh
Amazon Basics 2000mAh with micro USB cable
Amazon Basics 3000mAh
Amazon Basics 3000mAh with micro USB cable
It does not mean all models are faulty. Amazon recalls all its models to ensure the safety of people. Amazon started contacting the buyers to warn them regarding the issue. The commission also cautioned customers to stop using the product and demand refund from Amazon.

Specifications of Amazon Basics 16,100mAh:

Output Capacity : 14,600mAh
Input : 2A
Indicators : 4 LED power indicators
Dimensions : 5.9*3.2*0.8 inches
Weight : 12.2 ounces
Output 1 : 5V
Output 2 : 5V
It can charge 2 smart phones at once. One of the disadvantages as we discussed above is it heats up pretty fast. Build quality is decent.

Failures are part and parcel of business. Amazon did the best thing to recall its products to avoid further damage. They will fix the errors which are causing for so much heat generation that result in explosion of power banks. There are no official reports of plans to re-release their power banks after solving the issues. But we have to wait and see.

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