Alternatives to Thrive themes & Site like Thrive Themes

Alternatives to Thrive themes

These tools are really allow you to make beautiful and successful websites without any coding knowledge about. So let us see the pros and cons of Thrive themes, the features. The pricing as well as in some other alternative that are out there and kind of how they compare to throughout these itself.

So let’s talk about the background of Thrive themes, but Thrive themes is given by Paul McCarthy. And Shane Milan, Paul McCarthy was kind of the tech programming tape dude. Thrive themes, which is nice because it really has a marketer’s mindset and growth marketing and capturing leads included a baked into all the tools. They really advertise themselves as conversion focus and the suite of tools are which helps us go to the next point. So, right themes in general, what is it?

The name implies that thrive themes is a thief company. Do you know, one point, that’s what Drive teams once but now it’s much more than that. Now is a company that has a whole Suite of different tools that you can use on your own website. That will help you every team emerges better with marketing and build a really functional. But that’s what makes their platform different is that they’re really marketing phones, which is whyit is one the best themes, let’s see now!

What all the different tools are that thrive themes actually offers. So first off, we have Thrive right now this is ninety seven dollars for website 18 hours a day. Now to say the one-armed Professor website once created with the Thrive people. So we’re going to go ahead and go to how will we create with the Thrive theme. It looks pretty nice. And if you check it’s pretty fast and light. And this platform it was actually a godsend because it’s nice.

$7.00 for one website or you can do with it and what I like is that you can actually put things that you can do what adjustment and it carries throughout the whole website. So yes, things to like about dedicated a pre-designed sections for each to make one adjustment and it carries throughout the whole website. So things I like about a dedicated theme. It’s not like a plug-in that you’re just using.

They also integrates seamlessly with all the other Thrive products, which is obviously a big positive. They have a pre-designed sections for each area of the website. So, if you’re not a graphic designer like mean, you can’t code, that’s really helpful. They also every element and template has a mobile responsive design, which is really important because We need to make sure that everything is responsive because most people are looking at mobile or, you know, other devices want to make sure it’s responsive to that. Everything is a hundred percent customizable and Thrive. Everyone out there is looking for the same, so that you can get good templates.

Alternatives to Thrive themes & Site like Thrive Themes


Deep Builder, you can customize, everything completely. And then they also built in Stead, really big deal. A lot of these theme Builders kind of They go slow at times. They knew that going into this, when they built it they built in different speed tools to help the speed up, which is pretty neat things. To like about it, it healthy has one companion tape. So it’s called shape-shift this companion. Theme can really be altered to however you want to be but they give you one theme. It’s kind of like instead of giving you three or four paintings and she was from to kind of go with what you’re thinking, you know, what you will like at the beginning, you have to kind of take their one Leap and adjustment on the one that you can adjust it however you want, you can do that. But it takes some creative and think, you know, about this. And then also, it’s difficult to understand at first, for a newbie, it’s going to be difficult to stand. But over time as you been using it, you’ll fully understand it.

Next is Thrive Architects. This is sixty seven dollars a month from one website or 19 hours a month for all tools Drive architect. You may have heard this before. It’s basically, it says here, it’s a WordPress page moment, it makes it so that if you don’t know how to code, you can basically Point click drag and make a page exactly as you want. This is a good example of a page how to do work yourself because it makes very easy for you, the architect designed is very simple and easy. There is No problem at all.

HEI in terms of things that to like about it simple to use, what you see is what you get is just like being very affordable price for what it is under. The kids are way more expensive, so it’s very affordable and they have good value. Before you get ethic the WordPress page building. Tool that comes with lifetime updates, as long as your license is active. Obviously the updates are nice and they update every single ones. By the way, you guys all their tools are in all the times of just was that it can function very well supported platform. And then Thrive also offers they have great support. The only issue with the support is that at times, it may be a little bit slow.

That’s from my experience. You can be kind of 24 hours which is frustrating at times. If you’re in the middle of your kind of going and send you to stop eat some support on something but they do always answer your support and they have always been able to fix the problems that had. This things that I dislike about Drive. Architect can actually down your website if you’re not careful.

Right? So if you have used it. make sure that you are  not putting too many elements on a page, and in addition to that, , you know, be really careful to make sure that when using on your  websites,  just cognizant of the design choices that you are  making, build a whole portfolio of websites with it, right?

Know that it can slow down Pages a little bit but proof that site speed, although it’s important. It is sure there’s something to it. It’s not the most important thing, keep that in mind as well.

There’s just been so many. Price, $67 for one website, or 19 hours a month for all tools. So this is something that really helps you build your mailing list fast.  The good is Thrive leads to use it all the time on my own website. Basically what they do is they make it so that you can have different pop-ups in two different places in different categories of your vlog.

Software reviews have logging information. It have all this different stuff. It makes it so that you can run Thrive, leads, pop-ups, and banners for mobile. You could do all this stuff with in Thrive leads and you can even A/B test against them right? As you can A/B test and automatically choose winners, which is just an amazing feature to make it. So that your opt-ins are as good as they can, possibly be the plug-in itself has seven different opt-in form types.

They offer asset delivery mechanisms to deliver ebooks and Lead. Magnets, if you don’t have that in place, they help you do that. My testing is huge, huge deal and very helpful. It have really honed in conversions by using that highly recommend. If you do get it that you do that as well, analytics are easy to understand and super simple to understand them. The analytics themselves are really clear and it integrates with a lot of other marketing products and services which is a big deal. Some of these tools don’t integrate well, this one definitely does things, what to dislike, they don’t allow tracking clicks as a conversion, so it’s a little bit frustrating if you bring something up, And you want to track when somebody clicks and then have that track as a conversion directly in Thrive thing or in Thrive leads, you can do that, which is a little bit annoying. There is a workaround, you can use Google analytics to do it, but it’s a little bit more advanced.  Wish they would add that, asked them to add that multiple timesbut they happen,

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Next is Thrive quiz Builder. Thrive quiz Builder is 67 hours a month. 19 hours must for all tools. Basically makes it so that you can use online quizzes. Engage your audience and to also increase your leads, you’ve got to make it. So that, you know, they come to the page that they take a quiz and then to get to resolve, they have to put their email in, and it’s a nice little lead Builder tool, but it’s also good for engagement and to kind of make it. So people segment themselves, or if you’re doing like an affiliate marketing thing, they can segment themselves and choose the right software based on whatever your criteria is and point them in the right direction.

It comes with different quiz. Question types, which is nice. They made it pretty easy in terms of starting with it. I feel like it’s again pretty intuitive. Most of the tools are includes some powerful A/B Testing functionality, which is nice as well. Simple and easy to use for beginners. Like said, it’s intuitive the quiz dashboard, includes a badge and as well which is nice because you can adjust the badge that the user gets once they’ve actually completely quiz and then all the quiz templates are mobile-friendly.

Which again this is Big deal, you guys? I know that may be thinking, well, mobile-friendly of Court know. A lot of them are not as mobile friendly as they have to be. And they actually are here with the quiz Builder, which is nice.

List of Alternatives to Thrive themes:

1. Elementor 

In terms of feature and Mentor, post a stiff competition to try frames, Avada WP, Bakery, and other tools. There are 300 templates to choose from whether you want to build a blog post. You can add blocks of text videos buttons and more to your page. Not only, you can use drag-and-drop to edit your entire page, including your header and footer, but you will be able to visually see how your pages turning out while editing it. You can also find the navigation, Navigator tool, particularly useful when building long landing pages on long landing pages, it can be difficult to drag a block from the Move page and move it to the top of page.

The Navigator tool is like a menu, showing all the blocks on your page. You can delete item or rearrange them without having to scroll editing. Your side is much easier by ability to set Global Loop color scheme, and style to your overall side. In addition, you can save certain element structures so you can paste them into pages and save time.


Divi is another popular drag-and-drop page builder and WordPress theme. That was created by elegant themes. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the front end of your website and you will be able to see the results in real time. You can type in line text and see how it will appear on your pages as you type.

You can also see how your page will appear on mobile devices and customize them accordingly. There are tons of designs options and elements available. You can use custom design to add them to Future Pages. There are over 800 pre-made website, Z design that will come automatically with your account. These pre-made designs work for any type of page in


You can always add new layout to existing Pages, either to add content or to override those pages. When you see a layout that you really like, you can save it for quick access when building new pages, you can add over animations to your pages. Customize your font and textiles add shape dividers to set different elements or page sections apart from each other.

3. Optimize press

Optimized press is landing page builder for WordPress. You can use to create sales on landing pages, examples of integration include aweber,  get response, whether you want visitors to sign download an e-book, scheduler coaching sessions is a seat on your upcoming virtual webinar or just opt in your newsletter, you can find an optimized press template that will work for you.

You can also create sales for eBooks online courses and software products, the sales integrate. With woo commerce some card Thrive card. And other Payment Systems you can easily drag and drop buttons videos images, headers and mood, to your seal. However, optimize press isn’t just for single page Landing, you can create entire funnels newsletter, sign of funnels, every application funnels lead, magnetic funnels and more. You can add up, landing pages sales pages, and other pages, to your foot, funeral and customize each one of with logo branding, and customized check out plug-in. Let you add checkout Pages as well as customers can project purchase product.

4. Beave builder

Wpbeavebuilder is a WordPress landing page builder. Plug-in the plug-in comes with WordPress templates that you can use with beeper Builder, drag-and-drop editor, and these templates are designed to for small businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of Industries. In addition to landing pages, you can create contact pages about bridges and pricing Pages. You won’t be tied to plug in.

If you use it you can always delete it, your content will be loaded back to the start. Nerd WordPress editor. According to the beaver, Builder, over 1 million people have downgraded their plug-in and over. Once 7000 web sites were built with their theme.

5. Lead pages

Lead pages hosted landing page, builder solution. But it does have a WordPress plugin that allows you to publish landing pages. To your WordPress site, you can build single-phase landing pages or entire website, the websites are easy to build. Even for people who don’t have much experience, building sites to start off, to choose a template for your side. Then add pages to your side you can choose from various pre-made page templates. You can add pop-up, signup forms, and sticky bars.

All those sites are fully mobile. Responsive pop-ups. Can be triggered by various actions including click for CTA button or when a visitor about to exit the page. If you already have a site, you can use leadpages to create landing pages. You can create unlimited landing pages for all your campaigns or traffic sources. There are templates for seals gives away. Opt-in Pages, thank you, Pages checkout, pages, and many other types. It’s of pages, marketing tools. Also include will include of 10 texts campaigns SEO, friendly Pages, digital file hosting, an instant, download social, share buttons, checkout pages and more.

6. Click funnels

Click funnels is very big name, in digital marketing industry, especially in the affiliate marketing Niche, it is mostly used to sell digital  products, such as courses and collect email address for the purpose of building list, clickfunnels focus on building entire and funnels. Not website, you can add as many pages as you want to have fun including upsell Pages.

Thank you pages and checkout pages. To start choose from various templates, depending on which page you want to create an ad to your funnel opt-in Pages. Sales Pages up sales pages and interesting feature of clickfunnels.

Once you’ve created your funnel and are collecting email address, you can follow up with your leads via email or text message. In addition with clickfunnels backup, you can even add an affiliate program to your sales funnel. If you are selling an e-book or digital course creating an affiliate program, you can help increase your sales without extra work.

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