Alternatives to SurferSEO Free & Paid with Tried & Tested Tools

SurferSEO Alternatives

Alternatives to SurferSEO Free & Paid with Tried & Tested Tools

1. Ultimate Keyboard Hunter

The Ultimate Keyboard Hunter is one of the best replacements for Surfer SEO. It is a very trusted SEO company and delivers the best results. The Ultimate Keyboard Hunter is entirely free software. It is also a cloud-based software system. This SEO software is equipped to function efficiently only on Windows devices. Mac users can only access this on-page SEO service provider twitch the help of additional applications and a parallel setting. The SEO optimization system has straightforward and easy-to-use tools and features. It also has a fundamental and classic user interface.

One of the only drawbacks of using Ultimate Keyboard Hunter is that its software is unable to analyze URLs of client web pages. It cannot compare the URLs of different sites to boost the search engine ranks of the web page. The software has very light software that doesn’t take up much data or space. The SEO portal analyses the web page and offers up to 50 search results. It has the exact keywords and related key phrases pertaining to a topic and arranges them into a spreadsheet of one word, two words, three words, and multiple word searches that will help increase the rank of the web page. The Ultimate Keyboard Hunter extends its services to various search engines and combines their results for a well-informed analysis.

The on-page SEO service provider does an excellent job of finding the keywords for a web page and checks the keywords in competitive web pages to rank them in the search engines. The Ultimate Keyboard Hunter is an efficient and trustworthy SEO service and provides accurate analysis for the client’s web page.

The SEO optimization service also comes with a detailed guide on operating the software for maximum benefit. The SEO software offers modification for the web page content and provides a real-time word count and site count for the optimized keyword. The site analyses the best-ranking sites and their contents to edit and improve the web page’s content and edit its keyword count and placement. The site offers the feature to preview all site-related keywords in advance and add them to your page. It provides LSI based algorithm that helps in increasing the search engine ranking by identifying the patterns in which the keyword is placed and use them to increase the reach and generate content that targets a specific audience. This free service is loaded with features and is an excellent alternative to Surfer SEO.

2. Similar content

Similar Content is a famous on-page SEO service provider. It is one of the newest SEO analysts globally but has already become one of the best services. The Similar Content offers an excellent interface system and is highly user-friendly and easy to function. The site provides a seven-day free trial to the clients before upgrading to a paid subscription. The Similar Content is an affordable service and is cheaper than Surfer SEO. The Similar Content service works efficiently in 81 languages. It offers an around-the-clock chat support system and provides solutions to all your queries, and offers guidance on proper monitoring of the web page.

The Similar Content SEO service is one of the best choices for beginners due to its simple functioning and provides a comprehensive video guide on working with the software. It works effectively on Google and accurately predicts the ranking of your web page on Google. It is promoted and trusted by huge companies like Toshiba. It provides an elaborate and extensive list of ideas for sub-topics to be included in your web page to boost its reach. It can transform your page into a powerful site and offer genuine traffic to your site.

The Similar Content service is full of many valuable features. It provides a readability check for your web page and decides if your content is suitable for the audience, and suggests convenient edits and modifications. It edits your content to provide a better rank on search engines. It even offers article rewriting services and paraphrases your content to suit the web page better. It checks for the relevance and credibility of your web page content and checks for keyword legibility.

The on-page SEO service is easy to afford, at just $9.99 per month and $99 per year for an annual subscription. It is the perfect SEO service for beginners and new businesses to expand the reach of their business web pages.

It offers a keyword difficulty score and compares it with other top-ranking sites. It provides a content optimizer feature, which helps in finding the keywords that have optimized the content of the site and additional phrases that increase the rank of the site. It generates a spreadsheet of the most important words for any niche and search option and provides instructions on how many times to use the keyword.

It also mentions where to use the keywords, including the URL, the HTML address, the title, and the additional web content. It provides a TF/IFD tool for the keywords to increase the search engine rank of the web page and to rise higher than the competition web pages. It is a reliable SEO service that provides topical difficulty analysis of the data content. It also checks the volume and CPC of the web page content. It helps scan for the backlinks in the web page and how many backlinks are needed on average to rise against the top-ranking sites.

It comes with a slight drawback of the absence of a word count correlational graph to highlight the usage of essential phrases in the content.

3. Website Auditor

The Website Auditor is one of the best and the most sophisticated SEO systems in the market. It comes as an application and is a part of the SEO Powersuite package, but it can also be installed for use separately.

It does not operate as per the cloud system and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linus. It is one of the first choices of skilled developers and coders and is loaded with many advanced features. It needs only a one-time charge and then operates for a lifetime on a device. It provides a monthly scanning and analysis for the web page and offers an extensive report full of possible modifications.

It provides an advanced search for all plausible keywords and provides suggestions on how to use them. It offers a full content scan and survey of the web page content and interfaces and highlights all errors in the web page code and design for the betterment of the website and to boost its ranking. It previews your webpage and showcases how it appears to the target audience on a search engine. It has its complicit auditing software that searched into your content and web coding for errors and fixed them automatically. It offers a very comprehensive analysis of the web page and its keyword count. It looks into your URL name and checks if the URL is stable enough or if it is too long to function efficiently. It comes with a content editor that provides a real-time word count for the web page content. It offers open graphs, titles, and duplicate tags, and traffic for each page separately. It has a unique visualization tool that digs deep upon the hierarchy and web page transfer and shows how the web page would look to other people. It regularly checks for any language-related issues in case of the use of multiple languages on the site.

It has encoding and technical factors that assist in making the web page more user-friendly and compliant with the users. It also judges for compatibility of the site with various devices and helps in raising your site’s ranking on search engines. It allows multiple personalizations on the site and edits that can be made in real-time.

It looks into the page, redirects to the web page, and detects any errors in it. It also troubleshoots for any technical issues and reports them immediately. The Website Auditor provides a free version for installation and is very beneficial for small businesses. It also offers paid upgraded versions for more advanced features. It creates a genuine 404 page for the clients. It even has the quality of Indexing and Crawling, which detects if various search engines can crawl through the client’s site. It looks for any non-indexed pages in the website and converts them as indexed to help increase the ranking. It offers customized settings for each site and scans for any coding errors.

The Website Auditor has one of the finest tools in all SEO agencies. The TF/IDF feature is not available in the free version and can only be accessed by the upgraded clients. It helps in the detection of broken links in the site, along with coding errors, pages left with too little content, meta descriptions, titles, and hierarchy errors. It surveys your web page to compare it against the best-competing sites and accurately provides a ranking to your site.

It analyses your site and suggests missing keywords and essential phrases that will increase the optimization of the content for your webpage. It allows real-time, manual edits for the web content and even gives excellent recommendations for changes. It has a content editor feature that applies the real-time changes and uploads them to the server immediately. This SEO service is available for all platforms, and its speed and efficiency depend upon the device system. It is high in features and is very easy to function with.

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4. OnPage Champ

The OnPage Champ SEO service provider became famous for its simple interface and is a beginner’s favorite. It offers the basic SEO agency features for free and provides premium features to its subscribed clients. It provides a monthly and an annual subscription to make payments an easy and painless process. It is an on-page SEO optimization service provider.

It gives real-time management services for the web page. It offers efficient site monitoring and troubleshoots for any issues. It is equipped to conduct SEO A/B testing and also has the feature for SERP auditing. It has the feature of SERP analysis of the web page. It efficiently manages the content of the web page and analyses it for maximum optimization. It conducts personalized comparisons for the web page URLs and highlights ways to improve them to boost the search engine ranking.

It offers an elaborate dashboard for easy modifications and monitoring of the web page. It detects all issues within the page and sends them via timely email notifications. It also provides a rank tracking of your site and checks for the ranks of all top sites of the same niche. It provides the feature for web tracking on the site and monitors and manages the web page traffic.

It finds the accurate google ranking of your site and suggests ways to increase the rankings. It detects if the search engines can crawl through your web page efficiently. It also provides accurate measurements for your web page speed and traffic. Because the SEO service is installed in devices, it does not have a limit on its daily usage for content optimization. It even monitors the keyword count and traffic on the competition web pages. It offers a comprehensive customer care and support system through the mail, one-on-one interaction, phone calls, video guides, and live chat feature on the installed application. Its primary interface and premium features make it suitable for both small business owners and big SEO agencies and companies.

5. Page Optimizer Pro

The Page Optimizer Pro is one the most prominent SEO agencies in the market and is widely popular and reliable. The famous American SEO expert Kyle Roof designed this SEO agency after years of research and studying every aspect of a successful SEO business. Kyle formulated this agency to challenge the already established big names in the on-page SEO market and has emerged triumphant. The Page Optimization Pro has released several video guides to understand better SEO analysis and how to use it to benefit one’s e-business. The principles work to explain the features of the SEO agency and how to access them. Both the guides and the SEO agency software is straightforward to comprehend and work with.

The Page Optimizer Pro is one of the best sites in the market to compare web pages based on the same niche and find the highest-ranking sites in different search engines. It helps detect the competition for your e-business and the techniques they use to expand their reach to the audience.  The SEO agency provides on-page and off-page SEO alterations and suggests likely changes and edits. The modifications suggested are published after carefully analyzing the competition web pages and detecting their search engine ranks. The Page Optimizer Pro searches for credible and valuable keywords and offers ways to use them to increase the site’s ranking.

The SEO service also provides excellent ways to ingrain the keywords in the web page content and how to improve the context and the keyword count. It offers premium-level SEO features and is equipped to locate the best ranking sites of all niches. In spite of the numerous features that Page Optimizer Pro provides, the service is very cheap and affordable and can be helpful for small businesses and freelancers as well. It comes with single-user plans for the site along with premium options, which are comparatively costlier.

The SEO service provider is highly advanced and equipped and can even detect if the web page is normally optimized, under-optimized, or over-optimized. It analyses the web page and finds out changes for the page. It even finds out ways to strengthen the signals of the web page. The software of the SEO service provider is highly user-friendly and has a very interactive and engaging interface.

The SEO on-page service provider analyzes over 39 ranking factors before listing out the best web pages and uses the factors to analyze the web page and offer suitable and customized modifications. It not only searches for the keyword frequency and strength but also searches for similar words and phrases. It provides suggestions on how and where those words and phrases should be used to increase the site ranking.

The Page Optimizer Pro has some of the best features in all SEO agencies and has a very high rating. It comes with the only drawback of a lack of backlink data and information for correlation with the competition sites and leading web pages.

6. Cora

Cora is a leading SEO agency that is packed with many exciting features. It is one of the best alternatives in the market against Surfer SEO. The Cora SEO agency is both trustworthy and of high quality. It was created and launched by Ted Kuwaitis. He designed it as a correlation software that regularly updates its own data to present new and fresh comparisons. It provides informative video guides on using the SEO service to engage traffic on the site and operate the on-page SEO service provider.

This SEO service provider is exclusively available for Google and does not work with other search engines. It is compatible with various devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is an excellent SEO service provider but is an expensive service. It costs $250 per month and does not come with any annual or bi-annual subscriptions. Failure to pay for any month will immediately account for termination of all services until the next payment. Cora is not a cloud operating system and has to be installed in the device for usage. It is one of the best choices for both advanced and beginner web creators and developers.

The interface of Cora is highly user-friendly and creative. It is effortless to use and can be operated after basic training and practice. It is equipped to integrate with Ahrefs API system. The on-page SEO service provider accurately displays the backlink information and content data of the web page it analyses for optimization. Since the SEO service provider is installed in the device, it allows unlimited lookups and scans for content optimization. It analyzes the results from more than 100 leading sites to find 2030 on-page and off-page factors that affect a web page’s efficiency and ranking in the search engines.

It provides the surveying results and elements in the form of an elaborate and widely informative spreadsheet. This on-page SEO service provider is highly time-saving and troubleshoots and analyzes the entire web page content and coding in 5-15 minutes. It looks for both technical errors and blanks in the web page content. It calculates and displays the keyword density of the web page and suggests practical ways of using keywords. It is equipped with the LSI lab, and the smart algorithm and patterns of the lab provide insight on how to increase the rank of the web page in search engines.

The titles and ETS descriptions of the web page are analyzed carefully by the SEO agency. The on-page agency provides a trends tool to evaluate the latest keywords in any business and search time. Finding the latest keywords and updating them regularly keeps the web page upgraded and it’s ranking higher than the competition sites. It compares the keyword frequency in all leading sites and decides on the best keywords to instill in your site.

The on-page service provider has a Page tool feature, which generated a custom web page for each client with another keyword and displayed a template for your web page. The service provider is equipped with an outreach tool, which estimates the reach and traffic of the site based on the pre-instated factors. It compares the HTML addresses of all top-ranking sites with the client’s web page and suggests the changes that are necessary to increase the search engine rank.

Cora is a highly technical and advanced system and is preferred by many professional developers. It takes into account the vast amount of data and content and analyses it into over 2000 various factors that present a unique SEO report of the web page. For this reason, it became of the biggest SEO agencies in a concise period and is now a leading company.

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