Podia let us know, what the platform is and how it differs from other online course platforms. And we willgoing go through the features that add on and Integrations. The ease of use the pricing. We will outline a few pros and cons of the platform. Podia is a little different than other online course platforms. Of course that allows you to host and sell your online course, but it’s also focused on allowing you to run webinars. Market to your users or your website visitors, build fully-fledged websites with the entire blog and sell digital download.


Instead of just being online, course platform is actually a platform that will help you run your business and get paid easily and quickly. Now this definite some of those features to show you what podia is bringing to the table.

Another podia is the only online course platform that has a fully Integrated Life check, the Users of Your customers can actually challenge you live and you can reply them, you don’t have to integrate with any third party tools.

It also has a fully fledged website and blog. Most course platforms do provide some kind of website but it’s not fully fledged and frankly, you can’t do much with them. But Podia allows you to do the website and a Blog. They even have a numerous templates now. So, this is nota bad, not maybe not the best website in the world. That is a definite that is more a reflection of the creator of the website as opposed to what podia allows it to do.

This website produces some kind of conversions because it’s an example that pulley itself cites. So in addition to the website, you can create dedicated sales pages to, you know, boost those conversion. One thing that really says, put your part is that it has integrated email marketing that is instead of having to go out and get a different email marketing service podia, actually handles it. So you can create dream campaigns.

Those letters individual lines or personalized emails to your list. Now it’s not enough to replace something like active campaign or keep, but it’s definitely strong enough. If you’re just getting started, just starting to build your email list. It definitely gives you those features you need to engage and sell your courses is similar to teachable and think because podia has affiliate management.

Affiliates can be one of the most powerful marketing channels out there. Once you get some good Affiliates, some super Affiliates that be Referring hundreds of customers to you every single time on 10. In addition, to the affiliate marketing, know you have up sales crosses in town selling, these can be very powerful as mentioned before podia. Doesn’t only host course. It hosts other types of digital products, so maybe you have like an e-book that you’re selling. You can host that on podia, silly. And then up cell phone into a related course, or maybe they don’t want to course, you can cross sell them into a different type of digital product. So it becomes very, very powerful when you have multiple, that all complement each other.

Podia is in limiting you based on your students or your bandwidth or the number of products with all of, that is omitted. Signing up or registering is a very good option for you,can create to your heart’s content and it’s quickly. As you like, without worrying about running up against some invisible living, I like Podium because it supports two different types of pricing.

You have tiered pricing, you have such an encryption pricing, so you can charge someone like $49 a month. For access to a membership site or you can choose to charge a hundred, ninety nine dollars, three hundred and five hundred $99 for your course. Maybe have different content, every tip or different levels of access to you and your team.

Because podia gives you the tools to do it for payment processing put? It doesn’t actually get involved. Have Integrations with stripe and PayPal. So they don’t take any transaction fees. You just deal with stripe but of course, stripe and PayPal, take transaction fees. So point nine percent plus 30 cents for each transaction. So three percent of your money. Basically goes to the stripe or PayPal Here. Deposits are available, really, really quickly and pull, your doesn’t take an additional cut of that teach relax and take 5% on the basic plan, but a few upgrades like the Pro Plan.

Zero percent transaction fees but they don’t require you to actually integrate with striper PayPal teaching will actually processes your payments for you so just depends you know, just weigh the pros and cons but have no problem with the way podia doesn’t think you fake also does it in a similar Manner and then finally you can actually drip-feed course content one of the problems with online courses that people get overwhelmed. So you can drip feed content in a way that we engage your users, encourage them to actually finish. Now, this is cool. Look at podiums Integrations and add-ons.

What I like about putting is that they don’t actually have any add-ons. Everything you need to do is within one of their pricing plans. If you don’t have access to value, a pricing planned, in Poland, doesn’t have that feature. It’s simple as that, even though Konya does email marketing, everybody want to use the email marketing tool, and you can integrate with most of the email marketing Services out there. Are most popular ones out there and of course stripe PayPal.

Grayson’s and the Facebook Pinterest, Google ads pixels and in St. Peter’s is the are really useful tool, is it integrators connector, So maybe you want to use lead pages or maybe you want to use active campaign or maybe you want to use GDB and Podia doesn’t have a direct integration, you can actually connect zapier and then through that zip, your integration to be able to lean to keep more active campaign or delete pages or whatever.

The case may be. The dashboard of podia Lucas, Ewan, bright only sign of this is how it looks. So you got  two options here at the top excite or create you can create post broadcast, email campaign, coupons products page has plans, and then at the top here you have a whole bunch of different options. So it’s very simple products. Membership messaging coupons, you male audience, Affiliates in sales. So these things are human readable and you know, to make your way around the platform, it’s really easy to create a product. So let me just play around with these create a product and show you kind of what it looks like.

When this creative products dialog box opens up, you can create an online course, a digital download a webinar, or you can bundle multiple products, you already created together. Now go for going to go with online course, which is already selected. So once you get past the initial naming of your course, you can start adding your content, this isn’t as intuitive as some of the other online.

Online platforms because damn it’s much more structured and you start you off with your own section. All right, so you can just really quickly created the structure of a, to module course, but it’s not going to be what it looks like at first glance. It may not be as intuitive as some of the other online. Course, platforms out there, but you can pretty quickly learn it and once you learn it, then you don’t make a course, as long as you have a content of course, within just a few minutes, creating the structure, and all that good stuff.

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The uniqueness

The most important part of this, look at the pricing podia is really unique. It only has two pricing plans, more and $39 a month and changer is $79 a month and mover actually has most of the features. So what we Shaker you get memberships and in affiliate marketing, It is always recommend you get any plan that has the affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing can be such a powerful way to generate Our eight new, the believe that if their pricing plans are quite generous and really inexpensive, especially compared to some of the other online course platforms. The highest plan here is $79 a month.

Podia is a learning management solution, about taking a skill or something, you’re good at and turning it into an online course, besides many people are making great money from doing that. In fact, there is a growing number of creators who are earning full-time and comes for more selling courses online. And it’s a pretty cool way to earn income. In fact, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry at this point. So you might want a slice of the pie. The problem is once you’ve decided you want to sellCourses online. Then you’re bombarded with all of the choices like, which Learning Management solution.

Should choose, how will I engage with my students? How will I generate ideas, for the course, how landmark in the forest and the list goes on and on, you have to choose pricing and course names. And so many other things and this can all be overwhelming, in this review, I want to make your decision on which Learning Management Solutions, To use as easy as possible. And as a result in this podia review, you will be getting what it is, How it works, pros and cons what it does, Well, what it does not what others are saying. Both good and bad my recommendation and you will get some Alternatives. And then, one of the mostSure Rich Learning Management systems on the market.

They offer lots of great features including email marketing cross-sell or upsell and products, unlimited everything, including video hosting. It gets a limited number of products.

Podia, you can create digital products, including online courses. Your digital product, downloads memberships, and an affiliate program, makes it a fierce competitor with other Learning Management options, like, teachable lift your LMS. So how does Podia work? What are they? See things that customers of podia,Enjoyed is the ease of use.

Ammonia has a very streamlined process for making courses, which makes it easy to create digital products and get them out to Market. You generate your product ideas and do your market research firm then, when you’re ready to make the product podia is fairly, drag-and-drop. There’s lots of instructional tutorials and directions to tell you where to get your product set up. And so, let’s go ahead and check out how to set up a 40 account of what it looks like when you send up. So trial without entrepreneur that org slash that is an affiliate link, but that is how you get to podia and how you can start out with a 14 days, free trial and Credit for follow my recommendations. So as you decide that this review gives you the information that you will need and you’re able to make the decision to sign up for 40th. Then definitely going to how to entrepreneur that org slash Kodiak and so let’s get started.

You can say, we can start to create a digital, download a membership or Online course they have the dashboard. You can see products here. They have video to help you along the way. This is havingmemberships and you can create different membership names, creating a membership.Let’s you send email newsletters and drip campaign to keep your audience engaged. They have a video to show you how they have information to help you to encourage you to get customers. So that’s cool. And then you can also create your affiliate. So, you can add in a commission percentage and start to get affiliates. And then you can set up direct deposit through it very easy to use. So let’s try setting up online course, Or a product bundle most go for an online course. And let’s create an idea, of course, you can add quizzes right into Podia. Let’s go ahead and edit this tools.



Invanto is a great all in one digital selling platform similar to podia. It comes with many applications, and the major ones are:

  • Member factory: for creating and managing membership sites.
  • Coachrack : for creating online courses and selling them
  • Reward burst: for gamifying the entire expert business.
  • Cartfog: it helps you create digital products and sell them with their payment processors.
  • Allyhut: You can set you own affiliate programs to promote your training courses and also digital products.
  • Testnia: it helps you set up tests and assignments for your students and give them certificates.


Thinkfic is a really good online course platform. Unlike Podia, it is not all in one, but indeed with thinkfic you can create online courses and also membership sites. In order to implement memberships in thinkfic, you will be combining their product bundling and membership pricing features. You can even create multi-level subscriptions for effectively selling your content. But you need to note that with thinkfic you can’t sell digital products. For that you may need to use apps like GUMROAD, THRIVECART, SAMCART.

IF WE compare Podia vs Thinkfic, Podia has limited integrations, whereas, Thinkfic integrates with an array of different products ranging from e-commerce automation tools, analytics, email marketing and much more.

3. Teachable 

It is most popular online course, platform in the world. Unlike podia only in the course, creation side of things, you can’t sell digital products and down low tables. So much with teachable easily some unique features of teachable compared to Podia or think pick It is Superior in, build course, completions of the vacations and also curves course, compliance mechanism. Similar to things fix, you need to make use of product bundling and subscription pricing options to implement member site features on teachable.

4. Learn dash

Learn – dash and most refined LMS plugin for WordPress it is used and endorsed even by some of the most popular WordPress experts. Some of the key features are sell your courses. Drip feed content reward your Learners engagement regard. You can deliver certificates point’s badges to your students to further encourage them to learn actively. You can also interact with them based on the actions and engagements, they take on your way on your website. It doesn’t come with digital product selling features, but can implement membership features through subscription pricing.

5. Memberful

It is one of the good membership site platforms, especially if you are into WordPress. Unlike thinkfic and teachable, memberful is just meant for membership site creation. If the lack of membership feature in PODIA beginner plan is preventing you from getting it.

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