How to access the new Facebook privacy settings

Data scandal has taken its toll on social media giant, Facebook. 50 million user data breach during 2016 election campaigns has taken place. Facebook is not directly involved in this scandal. But vulnerability in settings is the main reason for this activity. A quiz app that judges personality is released to Facebook along with other apps.

It provided fun but at the same time, gathered personal data of users along with their friends and family. Taking data for development purpose is accepted but for influencing elections is a crime. So, programmers gathered the data and developed a program to predict election results based on interests, opinion polls, and other data collected.

Based on the trial results, they modified campaigns and targeted people based on interests. People come to know about this scandal a few days ago. All were against Facebook and “delete facebook” movement has also taken place. So privacy settings are modified and users are given more flexibility and control over their activities.

Changes in new Facebook privacy settings


Mobile users can observe a list of 17 options with the title and short description to make users know about that setting. Privacy shortcuts menu is added. “Access your information” is the new page added with which users can see past actions of them like what they liked, posted and can also delete them.

Previously Facebook provided a single file with all data which is of more size and takes time to download. But now users can download data based on the categories like photos within a time range and so on.

Info regarding all the changes is posted in the blog post. They announced about more changes in settings which will be effective in the next coming days. Data policy and terms of service are also being updated. Facebook value their users and want to keep everything transparent. They will say how is data are taken and where it will be used in data policy.

These latest updates by them enhance the privacy of users. Along with these, Facebook is also strict about the usage of data by apps and games.

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