A Way Out: Split screen Co-Op is back!

Amongst the various announcements at EA Play, was one huge reveal. The newest apparent combination of ‘prison break’ and ‘uncharted’ would be seen in the form of A Way Out.

The game will feature split-screen couch co-op, although online multiplayer would also be available. Hazelight studios has made a big bold move by revamping the Medal Of Honor style split-screen gameplay.


The game revolves around two main characters Vincent and Leo, who start off by hating each other. However, their unified motive of escaping their confines forces them to work together to freedom.

Even during online co-op play, players would be able to view their co-op partner side by side. This is to allow both players to pursue different objectives at the same time, and ensure that one does not hinder the other. So, one player might indulge in creating distractions while the other goes about gathering resources and intel to aid their escapade.

Different challenging situations would be put forth for players, and each one can be handled in a plethora of different, innovative ways. Currently we can only speculate what all the game has to offer from the trailers, but the full features would be only known when it will be out to the platforms in early 2018.

Also, take a look at the gameplay trailer:

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