A new Three-Tab interface, simple list layout & some Visual Changes on Spotify

We have been noticing from a long time that Spotify has been continuously renewing its Android UI.

It is clear that we get at least a tip or two a month related to one minor change or another. That means the company’s server-side A/B changes are pretty well-known to us as a result of our position.

Recently, reports of a new UI have been discovered. This includes three-tab navigation, simpler list views, larger interface elements, etc.

These changes seem to be Server Side changes. Still these changes are not available on latest beta. Spotify is well-known to do these sort of A/B tests for a long time before rolling out changes to larger groups.

Now Playing Screen in New UI and Current UI

We have been noticing some smaller changes every time, Now Playing screen is also one of them. In this new layout, you can manually force it to appear via songs in your Time Capsule Playlist. Go to Home -> Made for You -> Your Time Capsule.

Search on the New UI and Current UI

The new Search Tab completely uses the available space with some additional features. Since the new UI is yet to come for Hands On, it is difficult to say anything. Still we can see some suggested results. We can’t say it is useful but sometimes can become handy.

The best thing about new UI is its navigation tab. We can see that Radio and Browse tabs are gone which can create a bad impression. But, the way in which new interface looks, it is quite good.

Playlists on the New UI and Current UI

We can say that the New UI is more user-friendly and less filled. For some people who keep a huge playlists, it may become a serious problem. If one tends to search manually what he/she desires then getting upset is pretty obvious.

“Your Likes” on the New UI replace by old “Liked from Radio” on Current UI

These new changes are harder to understand without using. The new “Your Likes” playlists is something which we can say is the replacement for the “Liked from Radio” playlists or something new.

Made for you section in New UI and current UI

Take a look and notice that Settings Menu and Profile Icons will now show up in the Home Tab.

Your Top Songs in the New UI and Current UI

It is clear that New UI is all about making app user-friendly and less crowded. Fewer buttons, larger design wherever possible. Each tab and each page tends to provide better view. These changes may make Spotify a good application for new and current users. But it may frustrate current users to use something which they always use.

Let’s wait for the public release of this New UI and feedback which people will give. Since Spotify uses A/B testing, this UI might not get released.

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