A bug in Windows 10 Mobile allows anyone to access your photos

Recently a bug has been discovered that allows anyone to access your photos without unlocking your device. It might not concern everyone but if you are someone with some private photos then this is something you might want to be aware of.
In fact, it’s so easy to take a peek at someone’s library that you can test this out for yourself with the following steps:

  1. Snap a photo while the device is locked.
  2. Tap the thumbnail of the image that you just took.
  3. Delete it.
  4. Press back to return to the Windows Camera app.
  5. Tap the thumbnail again, which is still the photo that you just took despite deleting it.
  6. You’ll see a black screen; press back to go back to Windows Camera again.
  7. Now, the thumbnail will be an image from your library. Tap it and you can easily scroll through your photos without ever unlocking the phone.
The good news is that it appears to be fixed on both Fast and Slow ring devices but it is still there on the Production ring as well as the Release ring. Luckily the bug has already been reported on the Feedback app so it is just a matter of time until it gets fixed.
Via: Neowin

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