16-year-old Indian girl’s app tops charts on Apple AppStore

Harshita Arora a 16-year-old girl from Saharanpur UP. She developed an application that notifies the user’s about the fluctuations in more than 1000 cryptocurrencies in more than 32 countries.This application has become one of the highest paid apps on the Apple appstore. This application was launched on January 28th and in this short span of time, it gained a lot of attention.

Tops charts on Apple AppStore

Harshita Arora App Apple Appstore

Harshita’s father is a local financier and a homemaker mother. At the age of 14, she was dropped out of school. The reason for the dropout has nothing to do with her grades but she was not fit for the normal courses.

She even said that she’s not underestimating the Indian education system but those courses are not for her. As she wanted to study or learn something else. She was right in taking that decision at that moment. Now the app which she developed is in Apple appstore.

When she was studying in school her computer teacher introduced her to the world of information technology. She had a totally different goal and if she had continued her school she won’t have achieved her goal. As the current education system was not able to provide or guide her on her journey.

She was homeschooled and she learned what and all she wanted to learn. She heard about bitcoins in 2016 and started to mine it. And in the meantime, she wanted to develop something that will help the user’s and rest is history. When she introduced the iOS app in the Apple appstore, lot of people criticized.

A lot of people doubted her thinking that how a girl her age can build an application that will be successful in Apple appstore. And people even thought and falsely accused her of plagiarizing the app. But she never gave up on her goal and proved every one of them wrong. At the moment she is working on a new project that will also be released in Apple appstore soon.

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